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Gianfranco Troccoli, Lio Mass – Blaze

Hot Albums 20 Mar 20 0

Our guyz are back with a single track called “Blaze”, a fatty groovy Minimal / Deep Tech track enriched by a meticolous choice of percussions and vocals. The pack also includes a Remix by the neopolitan talent DJ Dep that gaves to the original more energy, cooking an absolute banger for the floor.

Fellar – Bounce Dance

Hot Albums 07 Mar 20 0

Serious Kitchen’s Team Is glad to welcome the Italian talent Fellar with his ‘Bounce Dance’ EP, a release full of energy. Two original tracks made to break the dancefloor, with powerfull basslines and a metcolous choice of Hip-Hop Vocals.

Tomi&Kesh, Gustaff – Head To Toe

Hot Albums 02 Mar 20 0

We are plased to welcome back Tomi & Kesh and Gustaff for another Banger Ep. Already played by Joseph Capriati, Head To Toe EP tooks the name from one of the two original tracks.

Skizzo, Manuel De La Mare – Dance

Hot Albums 14 Feb 20 0

A solid friendhsip between the label’s owner Skizzo and Manuel De La Mare that gives life to “Dance EP” our release numer 188. The Ep tooks the name from the Original Track callde “Dance” , a classic tun adapted to the current times. The pack also includes two Remixes from Luigi Rocca and Mirko Di Florio.

Pepe Mateos – Tequila

Hot Albums 24 Gen 20 0

We are plased to welcome in family Pepe Mateos whit his Tequila Ep that took the name from the only and one Original Mix inside. The Package also includes two Remixes from Lio Mass and one Remix from Gianluca Caldarelli.


Best Of 2019

Hot Albums 10 Dic 19 0

Serious Kitchen Best of 2019: Skizzo, Piero Pirupa, Gianfranco Troccoli, Gustaff, Tomi & Kesh, Josu Freire, Alessandro Diruggiero, Rone White, David Aurel, Rando, Juan, Jaime Soeiro, Oscar Poulsen, Sante Sansone, Lio Mass, Arado, Jiggy, Lujan Fernandez, Superchip, Rapha, Fabio Vi, Marco C., Giuseppe

Gianfranco Troccoli, Tomi&Kesh – Boogie Call

Hot Albums 10 Dic 19 0

Crispy collaboration between Gianfranco Troccoli and the duo Tomi & Kesh with their “Boogie Call EP”, with two original mixes and one Remix made by Vincenzo D’amico.

Gruuvelements, Zamoras – It’s Party Time

Hot Albums 10 Dic 19 0

We are plased to welcome back Gruuvelement’s and Zamoras on SK Rec. The name of this EP is ‘It’s Party Time’ that took the name form one of the two original mixes also remixed from the talend Gruuve.
It’s all about the groove!

Lujan Fernandez – No Sleep

Hot Albums 09 Nov 19 0

We gladly welcome venezuela producer Lujan Fernandez for his debut release on SK Recordings.
“No Sleep” EP including two original mixes.

Fhaken, Anih – Mozimba

Hot Albums 25 Ott 19 0

We are pleased to welcome the talented south american Fhaken and Anih with their ‘Mozimba’ EP.
A three tracks Ep composed of two originals and one remix by Wayne Madiedo.