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Nic Zega, Tomas Bisquierra – King Of Gales

Hot Albums 24 Set 21 0

Our catalogue number 223 come from Nic Zega and Tomas Bisquierra with their “king of gales” EP including Francesco Squillante’s Remix.

Withoutwork, Gianluca Rattalino – Rap For Coins

Hot Albums 10 Set 21 0

We are plased to welcome back the italian producers Withoutwork and Gianluca Rattalino with their work. ‘Rap For Coins’ EP.

Serious Kitchen Summer Tunes VA

Hot Albums 22 Ago 21 0

Serious Kitchen Summer Tunes. Tracks from: Gianfranco Troccoli, Nico Rozas, Tomas Bisquierra, Gianluca Cennamo, Fabluz, De La MAso, Sergio Dnine & Jhon Dude.

Riaz Dhanani, Guy Mac – Waiting

Hot Albums 06 Ago 21 0

We are really excited to welcome Riaz Dhanani & Guy Mac on board. “Waiting Ep” is one of that package you can’t absolutely miss.

Ben Walsh (UK), Tom Nolan – Crowd Dancin’

Hot Albums 19 Lug 21 0

We are happy to welcome Ben Walsh and Tom Nolan with their “Crowd Dancin'” EP. The package also includes a Remix from Cosmin Horatiu.

Marco Tropeano – Fade

Hot Albums 06 Lug 21 0

We are happy to welcome Marco Tropeano on board with his “Fade EP”. This pack includes two fresh summer tunes “Fade” & “Havana” and a Remix of the first track made by the young talented Jamie Fielding.

Serious Kitchen Summer Play

Hot Albums 23 Giu 21 0

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All the biggest sound of Serious Kitchen.

Summer Play

Ren Phillips, YINGYANG (UK) – Rude Boy

Hot Albums 18 Giu 21 0

We are happy to welcome the british duo Ren Phillips & YINGYANG with the “Rude Boy” EP. This pack includes two groovy original mixes.

Francesco Sassi – Gotta Me

Hot Albums 06 Giu 21 0

We are happy to welcome the young talent Francesco Sassi with his “Gotta Me” EP. This Ep takes his name from one of the two originals.

Mata Jones – Break

Hot Albums 17 Mag 21 0

Mata Jones is back on SK Recordings with his “Break EP”. This release takes his name from one of the two original mixes.