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DJ Dep – Mamy People

Hot Albums 22 Ago 22 0

We are happy to welcome back our friend DJ DEP with his new EP called “Many People” a double tracker Ep including a Remix from Denis & Gianfranco.

Gianni Firmaio – Understand

Hot Albums 27 Apr 22 0

We are happy to welcome back our dear friend Gianni Firmaio with his “Understand EP”. This pack includes two original mixes and one Remix from Gianfranco Troccoli. Don’t miss it!

Gianfranco Troccoli, Rojabeat – That’s My Thing

Hot Albums 14 Ott 21 0

We are plased to present our catalogue number 224, a collaboration between Gianfranco and Rojabeat. “That’s My Thing EP” is a packge of four original mixes and takes his name from one of the tracks. Vocals, Funky Samples and powerfull basslines are the ingredients of this dancfloor bangers.

Gianfranco Troccoli, LUCASMB – What You Got

Hot Albums 24 Mar 21 0

“You Got EP” is a four tracks package, a perfect mix between house music sounds and powerfull tech house baselines.

Lo Coco – Slash

Hot Albums 17 Mar 21 0

Lo Coco makes his debut on SK Recorings with his “Slash EP” The package includes two original mixes and one remix made by Skizzo & Gianfranco Troccoli.

Gianfranco Troccoli, Lio Mass – Blaze

Hot Albums 20 Mar 20 0

Our guyz are back with a single track called “Blaze”, a fatty groovy Minimal / Deep Tech track enriched by a meticolous choice of percussions and vocals. The pack also includes a Remix by the neopolitan talent DJ Dep that gaves to the original more energy, cooking an absolute banger for the floor.

Gianfranco Troccoli, Tomi&Kesh – Boogie Call

Hot Albums 10 Dic 19 0

Crispy collaboration between Gianfranco Troccoli and the duo Tomi & Kesh with their “Boogie Call EP”, with two original mixes and one Remix made by Vincenzo D’amico.

Skizzo, Gianfranco Troccoli, Rapha (Italy) – The Cult Of Homeless

Hot Albums 12 Lug 19 0

Our catalogue number 176 it’s an absolute banger, result of a collaboration between Skizzo, Gianfranco Troccoli and Rapha. The package also includes a Remix made by WADE.

Gianfranco Troccoli, Lio Mass (IT) – Easy Whistle

Hot Albums 09 Apr 19 0

Massive EP on SK Recordings made by Gianfranco Troccoli & Lio Mass with two original mixes and two remixes for booth tracks from Joey Daniel and David Aurel.

Roberto Surace, Martin Occo – Let’s Party

Hot Albums 21 Nov 18 0

SK’s team is happy to welcome back Roberto Surace and Martin Occo with their new ep collaboration.
The package contain 2 original mixes and 2 remixes made by the A&R Gianfranco Troccoli and Unknown7.