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Knober – Shake

Hot Albums 02 Ago 20 0

Here’s the catalogue number 201 by Knober. A solid Pack with three dancefloor’s banger tracks, well structured with punchy elements, solid baseline and hip hop vocals. The Ep tooks the name from one of the three tracks.

SERIOUS KITCHEN Summer Tunes, Part.2

Hot Albums 19 Lug 20 0

The ‘SERIOUS KITCHEN Summer Tunes’ VA is a pack of 21 tracks splitted in two parts. The part 2 includes music from:
Greck B, Lio Mass, Stephen William, Chris Magg, Davide T, Denis Ago, Fab Bellanza, Lukas Trunk, Sera De Villalta, Sven Gianz and many more.

Serious Kitchen Summer Tunes, Part.1

Hot Albums 25 Giu 20 0

The “SERIOUS KITCHEN Summer Tunes” VA is a pack of 21 tracks splitted in two parts. The part 1 includes music from:
Angel Heredia, Gianfranco Troccoli, Marco C., Tyler Coey, Caravaca, LucasMB, Elle-T, Gabriele Toma, Kassier, Afernand, Nicola D’angella, Alonso Beirg, Yo Land, EdiP and many more.

Juan (AR) – Another Morning Glory

Hot Albums 25 Giu 20 0

We are plased to welcome back our friend Juan from Argentina, one of the most talented producers of minimal from South America.
Don’t miss his ‘Another Morning Glory’ EP.

David Aurel -The Bass & The Line

Hot Albums 28 Mag 20 0

David Aurel is back on SK Recordings with his “The Bass & The Line” EP. David has coocked up a powerfull baseline and an enveloping groove, the perfect style of sound of our way to think music. Enjoy our catalogue number 197!

Cele,Jordy Swift – Sugar

Hot Albums 05 Mag 20 0

Here the catalogue numer 196 from SK Recordings. We are happy to welcome Cele and Jordy Swift with thei “Sugar EP”, a doucle track package that tooks the name from one of the two orginals. Strong Kick and Powerfull Bassline will get you ready to smash the dancefloor.

Alessandro Di Ruggiero, Enrico Bellan, Rone White – Eyes On You

Hot Albums 29 Apr 20 0

Sons of the groove, here a triple collaboration between Alessandro Di Ruggiero, Rone White, Enrico Bellan. “Eyes On You” EP is the name of the latest SK Recordings Release that took da name from one of the two Original Mixes included in the package.

mrT & SimoV – Better Time

Hot Albums 17 Apr 20 0

Here comes a fresh one from the italian duo MrT & SimoV. After their big success with the track “Feel Good”, played several times from the best Dj’s of the electronic scene, the guys will try to meet the expectations with “Better Time EP” on SK Recordings Platform. The EP take its name from one of the two Original Tracks, a perfect mix of minimal grooves and hipnotic vocals. Just seat back, relax and enojoy the music!

Gianfranco Troccoli, Lio Mass – Blaze

Hot Albums 20 Mar 20 0

Our guyz are back with a single track called “Blaze”, a fatty groovy Minimal / Deep Tech track enriched by a meticolous choice of percussions and vocals. The pack also includes a Remix by the neopolitan talent DJ Dep that gaves to the original more energy, cooking an absolute banger for the floor.

Fellar – Bounce Dance

Hot Albums 07 Mar 20 0

Serious Kitchen’s Team Is glad to welcome the Italian talent Fellar with his ‘Bounce Dance’ EP, a release full of energy. Two original tracks made to break the dancefloor, with powerfull basslines and a metcolous choice of Hip-Hop Vocals.