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Hot Albums 23 Lug 19 0

Serious Kitchen Summer 2019:
Skizzo, Pirupa, David Aurel, Gianfranco Troccoli,Lio Mass (IT), Josu Freire, Sante Sansone, Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero, Superchip, Belier & Ribass, Giulio Cadri, Gianluca Rattalino, Marco Basile, Varx (Italy), DFK, Stephen William, Dragster, Jose Zalatan, Gustaff, Avance (Italy), Daniele Travali, Tomi&Kesh, Federico Castilletti, Wilder (ITA), GruuvElement’s, Andiction, Jayro, Mastro, Salvo V.

Skizzo, Gianfranco Troccoli, Rapha (Italy) – The Cult Of Homeless

Hot Albums 12 Lug 19 0

Our catalogue number 176 it’s an absolute banger, result of a collaboration between Skizzo, Gianfranco Troccoli and Rapha. The package also includes a Remix made by WADE.

No Else – Body Vibe

Hot Albums 04 Lug 19 0

No else make his debut on SK Recordings with his “Body Vibe EP” delivering two original tracks and one remix made by the talented Luis Martinez.

Marco C. & Elle-T – Funk Era

Hot Albums 22 Giu 19 0

Truely excited to welcome back Marco C. on our platform with his “Funk Era” Ep in collaboration with Elle-T. Two original bomb tracks with one Remix made by the talented Paul Cart.

Arado, Jiggy (IT) – Grenade Out

Hot Albums 22 Giu 19 0

The next artists joining SK’s family are the germans Arado & Jiggy with their “Grenade Out” EP. A three tracks package full of deepness and groove, ready to smash the floor as usual.

Jaime Soeiro, Oscar Poulsen – Stay Up

Hot Albums 28 Mag 19 0

Jaime Soeiro and Oscar Poulsen present “Stay Up” EP , a powerfull bass-line EP with a rich groove as well. The pack includes two original mixes, “No help little” and “Stay Up”, and definetly from the second track comes the name of the EP itself.

Sante Sansone – Get Back

Hot Albums 04 Mag 19 0

A new Ep coming from the talented italian producer Sante Sansone. Three original tracks meticolously procuced mixing groove and house vocals.

Juan (AR) – Sloth

Hot Albums 02 Mag 19 0

SK Recordings presents its first release with Juan (AR), “The Slot EP”.
The package includes 2 original mixes and 2 remixes made by Sergio Saffe and Blachild (ITA).


Senza categoria 10 Apr 19 0

*It’s time to get Serious!*

We are thrilled to announce a significant party gathering the most of SK Recordings artists and We Are Family crew April 14th, Sunday @ Fabric London.

You can peep here:

Gianfranco Troccoli, Lio Mass (IT) – Easy Whistle

Hot Albums 09 Apr 19 0

Massive EP on SK Recordings made by Gianfranco Troccoli & Lio Mass with two original mixes and two remixes for booth tracks from Joey Daniel and David Aurel.