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Tomi&Kesh, Greck B – The Bomb Breaker

Hot Albums 12 Dic 20 0

Here our last releaes of the year, a double track EP made by Tomi & Kesh and Greck B. The “Bomb Breaker EP” takes its name from one of the two original mixes and booth tracks are perfectly in line with the groovy style of the label.

Gemini 529 – Tellin’ You

Hot Albums 16 Nov 20 0

SK Recordings presents its first release with Gemini 529.
The package includes 2 original mixes and 1 remix made by ThreeSix.

Gabriele Toma, Manu Fuentes, Aaron Mvrtin – Double Layer

Hot Albums 30 Ott 20 0

Happy to introduce this new format called ‘Double Layer’ in wich we are going to publish four original mixes made by two artist. In this case we have the italian Gabriele Toma and the spanish Manu Fuentes featuring Aaron Mvrtin.

Josh Kalker – Call Me

Hot Albums 10 Ott 20 0

We are happy to welcome the italian talent Josh kalker with his track ‘Call Me’. Powerfull Kick, Strong Baseline and suggestive vocal are three fundamental elements of this track. The pack also includes two remixes, the first one from the owne himself of the label, Skizzo, and the second from another apulian talent..Lonely!

Ben Murphy – Heart Attack

Hot Albums 10 Ott 20 0

Glad to have on board the talented producer Ben Murphy, London based. ‘Heart Attack EP’ is a 3 tracks package with harmonious shynths, energetic style and strong basslines.

Dan Corco,Dj Entwan – Thoughts Dirty

Hot Albums 21 Set 20 0

We are happy to have on board Dan Corco and DJ Entwan with their “Thoughts Dirty” EP. The pack take the name from one of the two track, also remixed by Stefano Crabuzza.

Charles Pierre – Malfunction

Hot Albums 20 Ago 20 0

We are happy to have on board Charles Pierre with his Malfunction EP, a double track package with driving rhythms and fresh vocals.
Two perfect dancelfoor banger for the summer!

Knober – Shake

Hot Albums 02 Ago 20 0

Here’s the catalogue number 201 by Knober. A solid Pack with three dancefloor’s banger tracks, well structured with punchy elements, solid baseline and hip hop vocals. The Ep tooks the name from one of the three tracks.

SERIOUS KITCHEN Summer Tunes, Part.2

Hot Albums 19 Lug 20 0

The ‘SERIOUS KITCHEN Summer Tunes’ VA is a pack of 21 tracks splitted in two parts. The part 2 includes music from:
Greck B, Lio Mass, Stephen William, Chris Magg, Davide T, Denis Ago, Fab Bellanza, Lukas Trunk, Sera De Villalta, Sven Gianz and many more.

Serious Kitchen Summer Tunes, Part.1

Hot Albums 25 Giu 20 0

The “SERIOUS KITCHEN Summer Tunes” VA is a pack of 21 tracks splitted in two parts. The part 1 includes music from:
Angel Heredia, Gianfranco Troccoli, Marco C., Tyler Coey, Caravaca, LucasMB, Elle-T, Gabriele Toma, Kassier, Afernand, Nicola D’angella, Alonso Beirg, Yo Land, EdiP and many more.